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Kurdish Allies – The Problem of Professional Detachment from Beliefs

YPG fighters in Syria, Middle East Monitor

If you’re a soldier in the Middle East, you end up working closely with local soldiers. And these local soldiers often have strong cultural, political or religious-based ideals.

Not every soldier is as well-trained as our soldiers at having “professional detachment” from their beliefs and ideals. And we all know how having ideals and beliefs can be a very passionate thing. This is what our soldiers are facing, working so closely with local soldiers in the Middle East.

For example, in a hush-hushed Pentagon example, things were going well between our soldiers and the local Kurdish soldiers. But small things can lead to larger things over time. And one night, some children being brought to the camp, bleeding and dying, were denied treatment by the Kurdish soldiers because the family was not Kurdish. But our Marines can’t do that – we must help if we can. And so one of our Marines got shot, and one of the Kurdish soldiers got killed.