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The Chemical Spirit

The Chemical Spirit

unexpected beauty comes in gardens, wildflowers
rooted, grown in the chest and bloomed in the head
wild as rolling waves of color moved by wind
washing the stale gray of repetition out

weeds of the mind and heart, their persistent
seeds always shooting roots unexpectedly in
flat rich earth raising the multitudes of hue
with their heavy scents mingled as a whole
swaddling huddled shoulders past cold designed
arrangements -- later found, wrapt in their own fire

the gardeners intent within their plans, their
ordered expectations of all that must be beautiful
bearing the chemicals that castrate all thriving
beyond the tiny bonds carved in green flesh
claiming knowledge of the earth and sky
that only a Mother might, in desperation to win,
forget her children in all diversity must be free

oh tempered sprout, drowned in misuse, where
the powers of God and science merge as defeat
only one small graft of the burning sun remains --
may you breathe, even riddled in atomic brews
which draws the sap away, to sprout one last shoot,
to rise defiant in the richness and hook the sun anew!