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Aspects - Edifice - Mark Rushing


the inescapable fact
    of existence
requires an alliance
made or unmade
    to the true
and infinite shades
    finding us
bound as one
    in a multitude
seeking completeness

each small piece
    a force
binding, repelling,
or passing like ghosts

our pinpoint in time
burned toward an end
    always chosen: either
in the fusing light of stars
which raised our eyes
in their liquidic capacity
to behold another face
    or crush within nothing
lights grown too close
to escape the infinite hunger 
born of a stage once bright
yet fallen in collapse

we choose our stance
in deception, that dies,
without exception: 
to sacrifice for heat
or consume in the cold
to order chaos back
or shred truth to ends

the easy path of entropy lulls
like a wind denies its shape
drawing asleep words to lies
just as desolation thirsts
as clear water evaporates

while the harder path of stone
elements aligned in matrix
punch gravity down to raise us
higher than a species who dreams
all suns illuminating our heavens

a head raised like a stone carving in space
endures through time the ravages of lies
down on surfaces where species clamor
a stone leg planted firm as a monument juts
up through the sea, up through air, and the fire
blazing in the black night casting shadows
spanning long past all edges of the world
impossible as hope breaking free beyond us
    through the larger seas unreachable
by anyone untrue
who is unwilling
to give relinquishment
to their own vector

as a particle
orbits coupled
nonexistent grids
and not