This is a place where I put things. My hope is that you, or someone else, might find something beneficial, in some way, from this.

I have a diverse background. It has always been exploratory. I imagine readers might find this diversity and exploration reflected here.

Many years ago I, and some others, started an ISP. We kept our business personal. I found that I had an audience of thousands of you crazy people, of all manner, types and temperaments. I was happy to share my thoughts with them, honestly, and they seemed to appreciate it. I think that from a business perspective, it engendered trust. The business perspective in this was next to meaningless, to me.

I found that I loved sharing my thoughts, seeing them reflected off these wondrous people. I loved hearing theirs. Unfortunately, it was decided we should sell our ISP to a larger company, once the big players started muscling in.

I kept a mailing list of some, with friends and some acquaintances gathered over the years. This “blog” is a place to record, out in the open, what these friends receive.

I enjoy this very much because it keeps me in contact with people I might otherwise have lost that contact with. It’s wonderful seeing people change over time, too. And having this blog allows me to hear from people I might never, otherwise, have ever heard from. That is beyond any value.

I mean this to be a celebration of honest thought. I mean for it to show our frailties and our strengths. I mean for it to be something very human, in the midst of so much inhumanity.

In all honesty, as far as I can tell, it is more for you, than it is for me. That is not scientific. Nor is it business. But it is something. Perhaps its delusional. And if that is the case, welcome, friend, to my delusion.

Contact me if you feel like it.

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