Oleg Sentsov’s Hunger Strike Attempts to Draw Attention Back to Putin’s Invasion of Ukraine

Banner apparently says, “Oleg Sentsov, Ukraine with you”

Oleg Sentsov, a Ukrainian, lit a fire on the doorstep of Putin’s ruling party building in Ukraine, after Russia invaded Ukraine. His sentence is 20 years. He’s on a hunger strike asking for his fellow imprisoned Ukrainians to be released. Ukraine has even offered a swap with Russia. This was timed for the Moscow World Cup, and he’s 50 days into the hunger strike. Nobody is allowed to see him or the other Ukrainians imprisoned. The EU says and does nothing about Ukraine any more, other than to lay blame on the “backward” Ukrainians. Putin is very good at making his victims look like they did it to themselves. Oh, obviously, it was suicide! ?

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