Investigator and Critic Murdered – Some “Unions” You Can Never Leave

Arkady Babchenko served in and reported from several of Russia’s modern wars, and became a bitter critic of the Kremlin’s military entanglements Credit: Vitaliy Nosach/AP

Some “families” you can’t leave. Countries like Romania, Moldova and Ukraine managed to leave the Union but when Chechnya tried, Russia, the dominator of the Union, forced them to remain by military force. Now Putin has decided Ukraine needs to come back, and he’s invaded and conquered territory he wanted and thrown the rest of the country into disarray and suffering.

Whenever you break up a Union there’s going to be issues. How parties deal with these issues is very telling about their true character, especial when one is more powerful than the other.

This guy was involved in the Chechen struggles and also became an investigative journalist who was willing to dig into the more powerful side’s true actions, motives and character. Now he’s been murdered.

You look at these players like Putin, Trump and Junker, and it’s always about how they need more authority to get things done that need to be done for the people. It’s always about fooling people into believing what they want them to believe, so that they are not hindered and even helped to achieve their goals.

Putin’s won all he needs, except for freedom to do what he wants in the world with impunity. Trump is desperately flailing, hoping to land some deals mostly for himself while he can, and trying his best for the dumb luck of even more power, as he plays his Rosanne Barr character aimed squarely at those who would be easily manipulated enough by the New York billionaire. And Junker, pettily doing all he possibly can to spike the bloody head of the UK in the field to show the fate of any country who would even consider leaving the Union and diminish his chances for even more sovereign powers to be invested in him, in the EC, this also friend of Putin.

Transparency my ass. It’s just medicated smoke and mirrors. And Xi is right there smiling.

Another Russian Journalist Murdered

EU Punishing the UK by Withholding Galileo GPS System

The Galileo satellites are the European equivalent GPS, except they say it’s “for the people” with no military shutoff switch like the US one “unless under extreme circumstances” 😉 It’s been in the making for almost 2 decades, starting off with a private/public partnership that failed (which included China) and they were finally convinced to use different frequencies than GPS was already using after very long arguments.

After the failure of the private/public partnership, the EU decided to fully “nationalize” the project. Eventually in the last few years they managed to get a few satellites up there. Unfortunately their Swiss-made atomic clocks have been failing. No worries though, spend some more money and – the Swiss have been working on better ones, and they’ll go up with in subsequent launches.

The EC with Junker decided that the UK should no longer have access to Galileo’s special military powers (which Galileo doesn’t have of course because it’s “for the people”). They won’t even listen to the UK about the issue. Even though the UK funded around £1.4 billion.

Again, the “family” you dare not leave.

Germany agrees with this and is adamant that the UK be denied access. France, amazingly, is siding with the UK. As is Span, the Netherlands, Sweden and the so-called Baltic states.

Here is the source article from The Times article on Galileo EU UK issue