What’s Inside with Giving and Taking

Varada MudraWhen you do yoga, the last pose you usually do is called corpse pose or Savasana – dead man’s pose. You lay there, unthinking, allowing yourself body, mind, spirit, whatever or all, to form into whatever it will, afterward.

Often people will mediate afterward, allowing things to happen further still. Mudras are hand gestures, held in stillness. This one is Varada Mudra on the left hand. Open and outstretched it represents charity, giving, generosity and morality. It is rarely seen alone. The right hand is Abhaya Mudra, with the palm held up and facing outward. It represents protection, the dispelling of fear, or anything bad.

The pose is felt mostly in the chest around the heart. It is an opening and circular balancing. Giving and protection. Some would say an acceptance and balance of giving and receiving.

The real truth of it is only found inside.

This image came from Wonderland at http://www.flickr.com/photos/wonderlane/3294979410/in/photostream