Skyrim – Fix for Glitch in “Glory of the Dead” Quest

I was playing Skyrim and ran into a glitch in the quest “Glory of the Dead”. I brought the fragments of Wuuthrad back with Vilkas, and was supposed to attend Kodlac’s funeral. However, after I went up to the forge, the funeral began, and Aela lit the pyre and finished talking, nothing else happened, and nobody would speak.

I did a little poking around, and apparently Eorlund (the blacksmith) was supposed to be there, only he wasn’t for some reason on mine. No matter how long I waited.

Then I found a console command that brings him to you. After I did this, I waited a few seconds with him there, then he noticed me, and gave me the next stage of the quest. I thought I’d write this down to share if anyone else has this problem.

You need to find Eorlund’s character ID, which I did, and it’s 1a683. This is what you do:

  1. Hit the "`" key to open the game console. (accent grave).
  2. Type "prid 0a683" and hit enter (no quotes).
  3. Type "moveto player".
  4. Hit the "`" key again to exit the console and he should appear.

After a few seconds he’s notice you and give you the next quest. This worked for me at least. Best of luck!