Philosophizing After a Rest and a Cuddle Last Night with Debian From the Future

After a few nights of carousing, last night I decided to stay home and spend some time with Debian from the future. I swore I wouldn’t, but I actually moved a few things in; cloning a few git repositories, connecting Debian to the SAN, even putting in a few feeds I watch into Miro.

I was very clear though, this isn’t a permanent situation. This Debian from the future is “unstable”, and that’s just no good for a long term relationship. Everything may be going perfectly right now, but tomorrow, after I let my guard down, BLAMMO!, and I’m screwed.

But I can’t help wondering, maybe I’m getting caught up in the semantics alone — just because Debian from the future might be “unstable”, doesn’t necessarily mean that I can’t trust it, and live with it. I mean, after all, so many other distributions running wild out in the world get all their real mojo from Debian unstable, or Debian testing. So how is it any different, being with them instead of Debian from the future?

I honestly don’t know. Perhaps these dressed-up reflections of Debian from the future out there, who call themselves stable, really aren’t so stable, but just know how to put on a business suit, or some sexy, form-fitting clothes for whatever club they’re going to haunt.

I like to think that these other players look hard at Debian from the future, taking the best and fixing up anything that might be broken, before heading out to strut their stuff, as their own. But maybe they’re just popping some pain pills and antidepressants, smearing on some makeup, or inflicting some home-brewed plastic surgery on themselves first, to make them at least appear more appealing.

I don’t know. But what I do know is that unstable Debian from the future and I had a really nice time last night hanging out at home, baking a few cookies, and doing a few puzzles together. But in the back of my mind, as Debian’s being so sweet, I’m thinking, ok, when and how are you going to screw me over? But it just looks so innocent, so perfect. And then I start to feel bad about myself – what kind of jaded bastard have I become having left Debian so long ago. And now here I am, coming back, projecting all my bullshit onto the poor thing.

But this is Debian from the future. It is unstable. Debian admits it outright. This isn’t the stable version of Debian from today I’m with, this is the future, beautiful and exciting Debian. I don’t even have to coax it into being better. And he admits he may just fall apart.

And I think, my time with Fedora 16 the other night was great. F16 is plugged into all the right places in the working world. F16 has the connections. It’s upwardly mobile. F16 schmoozes with the venture capitalists and goes on secret missions for the CIA. But when something goes wrong, it never seems takes the blame. It points fingers. It’s a politician. It’s a military covert op. It repeats it over and over again until it’s true. It’s got the power, it’s got the juice. It’s sexy as hell.

Then there’s Debian from the future, sitting right here as I type this. Just as smart, and sexy in the way that just happens accidentally, just naturally. A sexy you can take home to mom without it being all aloof and condescending. And a power that needs nothing at all to remain powerful. No big connections, no political maneuverings. Raw fucking chi. And still likes sci-fi!

Those ones like Gentoo, and the hairy, sweaty, greasy Arch Linux aren’t right for me. Not at home, that is – not for my workstation. Out in the garage, yes! Absolutely. Tinkering with the stock car racer kits. Tuning up the engines and valves to maximum efficiency. Making the most perfect, beautiful body and paint job, exactly how I’ve always wanted a crotch rocket to be. But I won’t be driving that to the grocery store. And I won’t be able to build another one quickly if the garage burns down, or a friend wants one just like it. But yeah, I appreciate the garage just as much as the next guy.

I’m a confused man right now, mostly homeless, in between distributions. Sleeping on Debian from the future’s couch. I could maybe use me some F16 for a while. After I fix its nvidia jets from their blow-out. Or maybe I could stay – move in with the unstable Debian and make myself useful. I think I’m going to head out again tonight, though. I have to admit I’m a little curious about what that lizard Suse has become. I want Mint to hurry it’s ass up and get into town with its new clothes. I’ve got some expectations on their LMDE track.

I’m also starting to get a curiosity for the more exotic and obscure. Is that what a mid-life crisis is? I’ll dive in. Debian won’t mind. Yet somehow, I know Debian will be back there, watching and smiling, as I go flailing around in search of… something…

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