Transitory Electromagnetic Connections to the Gaudy Ball

No, I am not very fond of the sun. It is both garish and domineering. And if you get too close, you get burned. But the damn thing has its fingers in every pie.

Recently we discovered even more. The incredibly wacky THEMIS probes have revealed some strange connections between our little island home and the sun. You can read some background on our home and this mission in a piece from early last year, if you like.

It’s a good feeling having solid science. We know now that every few minutes magnetic “portals” open between the sun and the earth, connecting us across all those 90-some million miles of space. When these magnetic connections happen, charged particles flow between us. This is plasma, the so-called fourth state of matter, that is so energized that electrons are stripped from atoms, floating freely.

These periodic magnetic connections are called flux transfer events (FTE’s). Their existence is a shock to many scientists who, although they have been proposed by others for decades through good science, have refused to believe in them. And rightly so. But what a happy vindication today is for those scientists who have fought for the acceptance of FTE’s.

It is inevitable that the fringe Electric Universe people will interpret this as another tick mark on their “told ya so” column. Then again, back in 1984 they were already comparing an electrical connection between the Earth and sun to a capacitor that must periodically discharge, while mainstream scientists are now confused about why these magnetic connections happen every few minutes.

For those of you interested, the Electric Universe people believe that electromagnetism is the predominant force of the universe and that gravity is not what holds things in shape. They believe electrical currents are everywhere in space, flowing between all things. This is why novae look like plasma in magnetic fields, for example. Mainstream science says that no electrical currents travel through space. However, mainstream science is happy saying that the energy observed in “empty” space is the result of particles spontaneously coming into existence by borrowing energy from the future, from which they soon annihilate. What do I know? I like chocolate.

Oh, right, that giant, glob of a gas ball pressing down on us all the time. I was going to say how nice it is, at least, having its goodness trickle down upon us to energize the processes of life. Here’s another example. Nine banks are receiving $125 billion dollars from us taxpayers, the justification being that it will give them cash to free up the credit markets. However, they have apparently reserved $108 billion for executive bonuses.

This includes our Treasury Secretary’s former company. He claims that they needed to be allowed to do this, otherwise they would not have been likely to participate in the bailout we offered them. Sounds more like blackmail to me.

Also, don’t forget that our Vice President’s former company Haliburton made over $20 billion in the last year, mostly through US government contracts that were not put out for competition bids from any other companies, related to war and oil industry maintenance. Oh, and prisons. Also, our patriotic Vice President’s company has the vast majority of its business operations based overseas, effectly paying little or no taxes on any of the money.

Yup, that giant, garishly fat sun, shining down its radiance upon us. I don’t exactly understand how religious people can be so behind these guys. So many of the poor an disenfranchised people just keep giving them more. Is it because they mention God?

I wonder what kind of blindness it is that allows people to adopt and support the very things that have made their lives miserable. It’s as strange as 70% of black people voting to support California’s Proposition 8, which curtails the civil rights of a minority. These people actually voted to oppress a minority.

Ugh. Yes, happy, happy Obama. He really does have his work cut out for him, if he plans to break many of his campaign promises, to accomplish what he originally stood for, before the vote pandering began. I really do hope that he is a liar and a weasel. Sort of. But not really. Actually, I’m just confused.

Which is likely why these invisible magnetic connections are so inspiring and appealing to me, even if they are to just a bloated ball of gas. Maybe it is because I hope that, in being connected, the flows might travel both ways — that the sun might come to appreciate its position and gain the awareness of its responsibilities as the collective source.

I suppose that is as far into optimism I am willing to tread, presently. Neither optimism nor pessimism is very scientific. Rationality can stretch there, however. But not just yet.