Senator Patty Murray Rallies at Last — For Boeing

Our Congresspeople have come across many issues over the past few years that have riled them. Of course, some issues rile them more than others. American’s rights, liberties and privacy have been consistently and unrelentingly assaulted over the last several years. We have discovered our leaders have fabricated and manipulated intelligence to justify conquering other nations of the world, torturing people, and handing vast quantities of our money, often illegally or covertly, over to their corporate benefactors.

Some few congresspeople have taken up torches, trying mobilizing people to fight these affronts to our nation, sometimes at great cost to their own political capital. I have seen no such extraordinary action from any Washington State Congressperson. Until now.

Senator Patty Murray is upset and outraged, going to great personal effort at last, mobilizing the people against injustice with her rallying cry, and creating a petition to get… umm… money for a company in her district.

Uhh… good job Patty. Thanks.

Honestly, I don’t like seeing our our money go to overseas companies, either. This decision by the Air Force will hurt the economy here, and I don’t want it to. But this is what it takes to move you into activism — a lost money contract? Of all the enormously important issues — issues that effect the fundamental definitions of what it is to be an American — that have come before you over the years, the loss of a money contract is what at last causes this uncharacteristic effort on your part?

I suppose this at least serves to offer another evidentiary tidbit to what I spoke about in A Backdrop for American Hope and Change. It’s more than a little sad, though.

And you know, I would be very excited and eager to help you with your effort, if you might have at least been rallied with comparable zeal in the past, over issues that effect the very hearts, minds and even lives of our people, and other people of the world. But I can’t remember you getting this active over anything before. Money for Boeing. Yes, it’s an outrage they’re not getting it.

I’ll sign your damnable self-interested petition. But you better get your ass in gear for the rest of us. Fight for us, dammit! Burn with a like zeal for our American lives and souls!