The Top

You walked right into that one. A room.

Look around. This is no hallway. You've stopped.
Maybe it's a big room with lots of little things. Maybe it's small.
A size queen would know the difference.

But you know better. Pacing around. How floors can imperceptibly rise so
nothing can truly be touched.

Stooping. Trying. Remembering.

As the little clocks with bells zing in swoops
heads talk like strangers who know you
took pain to reassure

The dim humanities crossed out in long lines of reasoning. That were made
to elevate us.

A signatory god on paper moves the mass planning
the planting of kibbles. And how else? In the snowy fields.
Where God made only snow.

Like a flat plain made of wire mesh that holds the bigger chunks. Too costly
solid metal, in long lines of coin. Where would the fun be? 

Without the commonplace that lags into hope?
It's not your fault. But still, sometimes

Those damn idol cows grazing in a room fattened, surely they know their fate:
the piston cracking their skull will result in the sweetest dining.

If you must ask, the only purpose that matters, serving
the pockets of our family has made life rich.

It is, as it always has been. Even
with the tightening lines. Only now, everyone pretends.

Or did they once dream of birds in the morning
sky, sweeping between trees, as all
children might?

But these ponderous wings, what raises now? The desire to be you? 

They do not know. Nor do you, as long lines of reasoning cross out humanities.
The lining of the pockets and insoles. The immense energy required to become

And the figurines as static beatification adorn the mantelpiece of collectibles, each
a potential that will never be. Remember how they look at night, so warm and alive,
in the light of the fire? Such compliments.

On these nights, the rows of dreams wrap warmly, crossed out.
While the ledgers in a mesh of purposes, sift.

There are no spoken words that ease when arguments tie knots. Just gifts
in the wandering horde of expectations that feeds and takes
in their worthwhile positions.