Graph: Investment in Alternative Energy Research vs. Cost of War

Investment in Energy vs War Costs

We need energy, right? And if the cost of oil rises too much it will wreak havoc with the economy, right? And oil’s going to run out eventually, right? And it pollutes, which costs us too, right?

I stole this graph from a site called Solar Energy Rocks. It graphs the amount of money we’ve spent on the war in relation to how much we’re spending on research into alternative energies.

Again, with this amount of money, we could have had a hydrogen infrastructure all across the country several times over. Also, as their page suggests, we could have built solar farms that would have provided 2/3 of our nation’s current energy consumption.

So what are we doing, really? Is it for oil? Yes. But not for the energy. For the profits. The profits to be made from the growing scarcity. As long as our motivation is fueled by profit alone, we’ll be living in a very sad situation indeed. This is the ultimate subsidy to the oil industries, and an incidental boon to the military industries, with the added benefit of reshaping our culture to perpetuate it indefinitely.