Sylvia’s Holiday Halloween Party

Under the couch, a candy, crispy strawberry
the bathroom smell gleams fresh with ammonia
rubber fingers twiddling like aprons from the 50's
where June and the pleated pants pressed flatly
covering the hard line from inside to out, made
presentable the clean bleach we speak happily

You see, underneath couches, beds and any space
where little gaps rise debris begins mingling in
wild cast-off clutters of filth that hide resisting
discovery and may appear as nothing to unwary eyes
but as they look I know what lurks so I suck them up
in a vacuum bag even in the gaps between, even in
the crevices of carpet threads, deep, steam clean

The little girls are visiting where spider webs
will not do, in the corners of the ceiling where
dangling webs might grip their pony tails and send
them screeching down the halls with little bugs dancing
as they fling about their curls to be free of species
invading the pristine haven of the bleached and pleated genes

And the witches in the wardrobe who ignore the vacuum's pull
giggling gingerly for their time alone with these fleeing skulls
cast candy in the couches to appease the parent's call
and twitter in the shrieking lass to wind the web anon
then send her forth a huddled mass to fear no more of trees
nor dancing with the brooms and beasts, nor pleating for the knees

And candy in the couches sat the guests all well and pleased
with ginger boys and girls resounding kiddy coos and leaves
moving shadows on the crystal glass from breezes in the moon
and doggie growls from nicely fed the meat steaks cross the room

Yes it's pleased to see you here relax and have your fill
such clean and tidy warmth you bring to compliment my will
a cookie for the cookie heart that's sweetness bound to taste
bitter in the dregs of wine that spoiled in your haste
search the dream that fills the sky at night, in wonder of all lies
and chew the meat of cabal fish to join your soul to mine
then wings will send us far to rest on truer shores of bliss
where dining hot on other's chests your secret comes to rest

At last we see the sparkled hand that bound you here to me
with power made of gummy drops and plastic heads and beams
these lovely children like my songs and heed them on their knees
and screeching though they go anon, it's far too late for please