Gas Station, Cigarettes at Midnight

You do not care
  what people think
that baseball cap
cliched rugged spewing
like compelled worth
  was it surprise
  when I called you
a liar? or just
a smile like cats get
when minds focus?
you do not know
  how eyes betray
  people who see
    walking invisibly
    though monuments
  how many have gathered
    in old coliseums
    that stack neatly
  like sculpted torsos
  eclipsing in silhouette
    the man
So was I surprised
when you told me you wanted
  to be a cop
  after a marine
  and that Christ
moves you?
was that why
when I met your eyes
  tears came when asked
what large hurt
has unmade you?
  Would tears come
  on an island
with guns raised level
in the study between
  watermelons, heads and bullets
what honor left
that you felt
  we needed?
that night
you told me
how stupid people
  were in the daytime
  chatting about nothing
as I watched
a stranger beauty
  this sadder face
in origins
  and knew