The Believer

you believe you can speak from my Voice?
I, who formed each particle bound together
even as your flesh on these particles of earth?

your each small thought an illusion of dawn
breaks like some weighty sentinel above
the tiny heads of my beloved creatures
forcing down imaginings upon them
in My name: an utterance
further from your lips than panting
sparks life within all nothingness?

such significance I bequeath solely
to the touch of crisp morning air on skin,
the uncountable glimmerings of light
above your mind in the darkest night
like lifting hearts toward all ends

yet this enlargement of yourself you conjure
in words from the blackest slopes of need
to herd souls like cattle to a shriveled chest
which you claim, owning My embodiment

the frightened, the souls who wish to blame
who utilize my Absence like yokes and flame
frantically gathering boundlessness to squares
unaware my Presence would overturn their mind
become such simple substance for your small abyss

yet secretly you forget: you, too are Mine
and as all grains of dust are seen, you too
soon will learn my gaze destroys
each lie you granted in My name, My gaze
ablaze with light that forged all stars, paling
anger deeper than inescapable bottomlessness
seething around the horizons of midnight:
justice flicked like the collapse of suns --
and your substance, a handful of tiny dots

yet still my love breathes upon the darkest
seas like cold planets moving giantly, silently
bound in circles at the their heated core...

so hear through this sign of many your place
for I am Mercy greater than any glory --
the quiet love of any one of mine in all
brings Absence toward redemption

Grace, the fields move rhythmically
in soft wind silence cheeks touch
souls dream simple longing deeper
than pinnacles of long despair
grown in the heart of all being
sleeps the eye of every beast

where I wait
bending the imagination
of existences for you
just to see Me