not so, subtly

not so
shafts of light
only obviously white
strike from sides
herded toward Armageddon
leashes of tiny reasons
on choke chain rails
glide so easily within
dreams of possibilities
like guilty secrets march
in rank and file off
stone edges

dumb as orbits i awake
each day from shrouds
to fill something with little
packets of recordings
a toddler block received
on my face like a pacifier

pleasing on the rails
toward inevitability
as it always has been
neat and easy and so
much more time
to set things right

or is it that
chanting it's the best i can
creates the uniform background noise

still, evening in silence
distant sounds like
choices made by others
spill and mingle
to common molds

so many
in common cannot be
blessed to some formality --
the stranger voices made,
washed in the light turned
on or brushed off -- at will,
reveals long lists to be
drawn from the morning

a plan of simple need
like i might live again
where the cool caverns of space
within not so bright, win