Someone, Some Night

let us spin little sunshines
on round white plates
we can serve one another
like finger food sweet
little dollops of this and that
pointing gingerly at
oh! ha ha! oh my...

let us leave the dark
boxes we brought inside
stuffed in deep breast pockets
as accents to fill our chests
flatteringly yet appropriately in
the good company we keep

i mean this as
a vacation you and i
speaking telling me
your dad's aquarium reflects through
your face as green as your mom's
marinated spinach your bad brother grins
hugely through cars!
yes, such arms as yours

i show you the neighbor
who washed my feet and the man
with crows circling, the rusted wheel
barrel, the aloe cactus
that lit house with dolls
even how to dig perfect
winter carrots

oh, yes! we do grin
like ping pong!
such a fan of silly
games so neat when
neither cares at least
in truth just passing
toward an end

no spears drip thick on this repast
no freedoms drop from view
no chemicals work to fix our minds
no lies betray our truths

no gravity pulls us home to clench
no starlight burns to coal
no munchkins nip at stilted strides
no questions asked for more

no, no,
none of that
just whiskers on eels, marigolds
blooms at staggering velocities
wheeling gleams
in teeming sleekness!

the dew, springing
like beans and all
the jumping in betweens
then just one
pause... long...
for you waiting

so now you leave this
all to me? to drive you
to my curious place?
oh, my little bee how
could i ever allow us
openly to meet?

histories lived are solid
on our face staring now
determined needing me and you
a fresh wading pool
in winter's heat to be filled
with my giant hairy ass

i suppose i might
have lied or led
following this ping
pong game facade
a small vacation
in a hunter's dream
your prey
for a moment's pause

but how can i crouch so
with jaws made of lead
or a brain that's exposed
to the sky?
i wonder how you can
look at me and not see
utter ruin

a smile
for you and i to distort
our course
an equation for your beauty
a kiss for your eyes
showing all that's inside
and a sidewalk to lead
me from cruelty