A Quiet Surprise

When I first saw your glance away
a sudden thud dimmed all voices
  except the movement of your hand
  reaching in solitary routine for the next
  and the next
your invisible spectacle of listening
lighted bright candles in each face
passing in routine they did not know
  yet left with you with them
haunting the hollows of your chest
and frail in the outside manner of men
you heard everything and wanted
no body to know

When I first heard you listening you knew
me standing stunned as if transfixed
  like the impossible honesty of a child's question
  i was compelled to immobility
one small thing and all the world falls in
and of itself it blossoms in totality
beyond my reach or yours forever blossoming
  i could only stand

You looked and saw my eyes in more
places we have never been yet familiar
  nonetheless you saw this in the candlelight
  an echo that moves round in all
  directions in no place in time
at all

How might I speak to you when I lie
  naked in all manners before you
each word a dull box of noises unheard
  in the eloquent singularity of your eye

I was not prepared
for this honesty in silence
  as you saw me as few have seen
i felt my heart fall flattened
by the deepest blue candlelight

Yet I remained before you realizing
  as stories go all ways
you may have all that i am even the hidden
places i have yet to find

I know what this did
to you, you are not alone
  when all you are feels too much more
  all sound freezes like a waking dream
and you know this as you stand
there before me doubtful
  your mind, your heart teetering between
  all that is and the deepest oblivion

When I saw your surprise, I wanted to speak
  something that would make you know less
  about me - i could say nothing

When I saw you believe I would think you are
  crazy in the way you live each day
I wanted to hold you as it seemed we always were
  there for each other in every one

Then we smiled, at this time, looking down
  while inside sound returned
  as a clear, crisp, reflecting dew glistens
in the morning on the near edge of winter
on such a scalding day as this
  you taught me in all we please
that our heart breaks freely