Religious Freedom and Civil Marriage Protection Act

The Seattle Times reports that California yesterday approved the “Religious Freedom and Civil Marriage Protection Act” by a vote of 41-35 which states that marriage is between “two persons”, not necessarily just between a man and a woman.

This makes California the first state to specifically approve same-sex marriages by an act of their legislative body, following a tradition of openness and kindness that was also demonstrated by their being the first state to strike down a law prohibiting interracial marriage, and in 1976 was one of the first states to repeal sodomy laws.

“There are moments in the history of any movement when the corner is turned,” said Geoff Kors, the executive director of Equality California, a gay-rights group. “This is it. This is the tipping point.”

But this doesn’t mean it’s happening – the governor must sign the Act.

Apparently, Governor Arnold is wrapped in conflicting forces with this volatile piece of legislation. He allied himself with the conservative GOP, while at the same time his background, personally, is very friendly in the “gay community”.

“Marriage should be between a man and a woman, end of story. Next issue,” insisted Republican Assemblyman Dennis Mountjoy. “It’s not about civil rights or personal rights, it’s about acceptance. They want to be accepted as normal. They are not normal.”

Sometimes we have to do what we know is right, instead of what is expected of us. I hope that Arnold’s characters manage to shine through.