Father Kills Son Before He Likes Dick

I used to hang out with this self-proclaimed straight guy a while back, and we’d screw around sexually. What the hell, eh? When you’re horny you’re horny.

Actually, I’ve been in that situation with quite a few self-proclaimed straight guys.

But this one hated himself for liking it.

I asked him once, since he had kids, what would you tell one of your kids if they turned out to be gay? Are you going to raise them to think that it’s wrong?

He said, he thought it was wrong, and that’s what he was going to teach them. I gave him so much “benefit of the doubt”…

It didn’t matter to him that he hated himself for the way he was. And it didn’t matter to him if his children hated themselves for the way they were. He would pass along his fucked up neurosis without hesitation. He would encourage more self-loathing in the world, more deception, and more pain for others.

I just ran across an article at gay.com telling the true story of a man who believed his 3 year old son might be gay.

He beat him to death over time, hoping to toughen him up. He didn’t want him to grow up to be queer. It was very important to him.

The child’s brain was physically bruised – not just mentally.

In some small justice, the Tampa Tribune reports that Ronnie Paris Jr, the boy’s father, was just convicted of second degree murder. He could receive a life sentence. His wife is charged with child neglect for not doing anything to stop the abuse.

Ironically, there were many times when I felt like pounding this straight guy’s face in, myself.

This whole thing spins off into so many tangents of absurdity and tragedy that I can’t even being to write anything about it. It would probably take a lifetime of writing.

I’ll just leave it at, dumb, stupid fuck.