PBS Funding

I don’t know how the Congress can consider cutting PBS funding. This is our public broadcasting system – our only system that is not at the mercy of corporate marketing people.

Is it the money? 220 million?

According to the 2003 Pentagon inspector general, the Pentagon has “lost track” of over $1.1 trillion dollars.

If we had even a small fraction of the money the Pentagon has just “lost”, public broadcasting would be something quite spectacular.

Or maybe we could fund PBS, and not purchase just 1 Patriot missle launcher group.

Or maybe just a little bit of the $18.4 billion we’re spending on just Iraq “Relief and Reconstruction” – cleaning up our mess…

Or maybe we can leave off a couple rooms from the new US embassy in Iraq…

Or cut back just a tiny little bit on the amount of money we give US oil companies each year…

It seems that the cuts might be coming because of a percieved “liberal bias” as PBS.

They’re discussing cutting funding altogether.

Anyway, if you’re interested, PBS has a page where you can go to get more information and let Congress people know what you think.

Moveon.org is even involved in this one – and their petition has over 1 million signers.