How To Be A Liar (or just support one)

I’ve known a few liars. Not just people who lie every once in a while about silly things. I’m talking liars who completely fabricate realities around themselves, either to hide themselves away, or to achieve a more gradiose status or goal at any cost.

People who are liars exhibit several behavioural patterns. They also have several ethical and emotional tendencies in place.

The first thing an aspiring “master” liar must do is have an overwhelming internal motivation. The best kind of internal motivation comes from psychological disfunction – a juxtaposition of how your true internal self feels you to be, opposed against what your more rational outward self desires you to be.

This juxtaposition of conflicting notions of the Self is the perfect fuel for carrying out all manner of lies and manipulations, and has the added benefit of confusing the liar so much internally that they often believe themselves, which makes the lies all the more convincing.

However, the genius comes through the flexibility inherent in this dynamic – the master liar need not stick to any one point that they’ve lied about – they can move, in, out and around, through the conflicting motivations, to subtly change, tune and perfectly alter the circumstance of any challenge to their lie.

This genius does not come easy – it must be integrated into you. You must allow the warring parts within you to have full reign over your sense of identity – you must allow your fears and your desires to overcome the very knowledge of who you are.

Most people will think this silly – in some sense we all have warring and conflicting aspects within us. But to become a master liar, you have to take that extra leap – you have to move into the realm of impossibility, and make it possible: you have to truly be more than one person at a time – and you must integrate them into a functioning whole that is greater than yourself.

The part of you that doesn’t like you, knows you need to be greater – the part that knows you’re greater knows you actually are greater. Once this is established, you can then begin to alter the very fabric of reality around yourself, to further your own self within the world, and, that which is not yourself.

And, once you become a master in the shaping of reality, you’ll find others who will help you. Some will help you because they see this wonderous thing you’ve created in yourself, some will help you because they sense the potential to be exploited. It’s not important that either of these people really know you – for they know You.

That little you is worthless – unimportant – even a danger. The larger You must crush it.

And in doing so, the realities you weave around you will become all the more engaging. More and more, your attention can be fixed upon the weaving, and less upon the pathetic little part of you that you hate.

Of course, there are always dangers, even from outside yourself, though they are rare. The external world is conditioned to accept surface images without question, and to keep questions silent when something is suspected.

At all costs avoid the few people who can see through your weaving, into your core. Though you will feel enexorably drawn to them, you must remember at all costs that it is your weak and hated pathetic side that is drawn to them, not You. Remove them from your life, and if you cannot, move far away from them, for they are your greatest threat. Surround yourself with people who are loyal to You.

As time passes, you will percieve the benefits of your vigilance. More of the world will reflect back the greatness of You, and the you who you were will be all but gone. If you start longing for simpler times, or just being able to be comfortably yourself with another human being, remind yourself: this is what growing up is all about. Soon, that too, shall pass.

How to get started:

Find at least two things that cannot be true about yourself at the same time. The deeper it goes into you, the better. You must also know with certainty that who you are, you despise, for your weakness, your stupidity, or any reason, really. This is key.

If you are gay to any degree in a society that is conditioned against this reality, you have it easy: believe you are not. This runs very, very deep and will bring forth a wealth of possibilities in all aspects of your life, both emotionally and career-wise. You will find that you will become a master liar in no time, and can move about like a shadow wherever you choose to go, with reality flowing effortlessly around you. Exploit your talent. You are the crown jewel of liars with foundations that go down to your very soul, and outward into the very self-definitions of others. The insight you will gain is priceless. The power you will wield over the insecure and uncertain people will be practically limitless. Sexuality is a fundamental foundation for us all – and you will control it as it touches upon so many things. Hate your gayness, but take what it gives you. Never give in.

If you are stupid, having put playtime above all else, never found anything interesting in books, or felt inadequate compared to “smart” people, you also have a very powerful force to be unleased within you. Know that you understand a greater world – that this book-smart stuff is nothing compared to what you have known and seen. That the force of your personality and those people loyal to you are a force much, much greater than any measurable reality – for measurable reality can be bludgeoned into whatever you choose. And this is beyond smart and stupid – it is the very foundation of the universe – the strong – the evolutionary dominance – the primal force of life itself! People who think you’re stupid just really have no idea…

But perhaps the most powerful conflict you can draw upon is believing in the spiritual, and not believing in the spiritual. If you can combine this with being gay and not being gay, your success is absolutely assured – there is nothing with more potential for power and self-aggrandizement. However, if you combine these two with being stupid and not being stupid, you’re likely to fail. Spirtuality and stupidity are fine together, though your power base will be limited. Spirituality, like sexuality, is a formative foundation in all people – easily used to raise yourself to great heights of self-justification and visionary leadership to a vast number of people. When the master liar is formed from the conflicts of spirituality and sexuality, there really is no limit. Anything you need to do can be done, and made completely justifiable, and you’ll have no lack of people supporting you in this. In fact, you won’t even need to work at all to maintain your weaves of reality around you – othters will be more than willing to do this for you – as you give them a basis and justification for themselves.

As I said, the more “iconic” the conflict is within you, the greater your potential as a liar. If the best conflict you can come up with is, I love my job, I hate my job, or I love my familty, I hate my family, then your potential is pretty limited. And if you’re a person who always just says everything about what they’re thinking and feeling all the time and is all honest about it, forget it – you give all your potential power away to the others around you for them to utilize how they see fit: you’re the weakest of all.

Above all, you must always remember – it’s not about who you are. Who you are is something you must avoid – utterly – without fail. Who you are is wrong, it is weak, it is to be hated, feared for the wretchedness it represents for you, and it must be destroyed, buried and smothered. Who you Are, is who you are. That is the only truth you need. And if others cannot see that and respect that, then make them, or make them irrelevant.

This is the path to becoming a Master Liar.

Sometimes you will be challenged.

You don’t always need to remember what you’ve said.

Just keep to your track – push it to the limit against any challenge.

Begin to alter reality, in subtle bits, to bring doubt to others. Pressure loyals for loyalty

Manufacture a high ground and stand upon it.

Distract others and futher more goals at the same time.

Only the meek will inherit – just the stupid little Earth.