Powers Expanding Indefinitely

Toward the end of this year, many “sunset” provisions in the Patriot Act will have the sun go down on upon them, easing some of the sweeping authorities government agencies were granted by the Act.

Not surprisingly, the Bush Administration is making it a legislative priority to have these authorities not only extended, but extended indefinately and expanded.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has managed to obtain a draft of the bill that will come before the Senate Intelligence Committee today, the 26th of May, 2005 during a closed door session.

As we’ve already learned, it’s perfectly legal, and is happening, that laws effecting us can exist without our knowledge, hidden from us, yet still binding upon us.

We have also learned that government agencies can force information from people or organizations without having to go through judicial processes or oversight, and can compel these people or organizatinos to reveal nothing of the government’s actions under pain of prosecution.

This Senate Committee is now putting together legislation that can make these powers permanent, and even expand upon them. The Bush Administration desires this.

Let your voice be heard, while it can, and if you dare.

Special thanks to Dr. zZz for this piece of art which I abscondended with. If you like electronic music, icey stillness, sleep and long, deepening dreams, visit the.zzzone – we started streaming music around the same time, many years ago. He’s wonderful.