Grassroots Flash

The people at have compiled a great little collection of people-submitted flash animations about the ongoing Social Security reform issue.

It’s pretty cool how information can be communicated so effectively through animation. It’s especially cool how just normal people are doing it. I wonder if there are any grassroots efforts that support giving the social security money to Wall Street, or giving them the trillions of dollars in loans, from each of us, they’ll need to get it started?

I just love that people can have their voices heard like this. It’s an incredible historical revolution. Even the copyright they’re using – the Creative Commons, of which there are a few versions, is wonderfully fresh.

Last night Mike said he hoped I wasn’t “fulminating too much about the evil Bush administration”. I told him:

The Bush administration reminds me of the wanton bombing of beautiful and ancient European buildings during the second world war.

There will be beauty left standing after, but so much will lay in ruin, too.

Perhaps it will make room for something even better.

And he told me:

You know, I was thinking much the same thing this morning. For instance, one good thing that’s come out of federal over-reaching is that governors are actually governing. CA, OR, and WA have all decided, on their own, to (try to) adopt more stringent vehicle exhaust standards rather than wait for Bush & Co. to get a clue.

Ugh. Today the news looks a little worse there – with the stupid Oregon governor, and Washington’s spineless Senate. But, to avoid any fulmination – aw, shucks – they’re trying.