What Could We Accomplish?

The ESA has some spectacular hires photographs of France’s Millau bridge, including a hi res image taken from orbit by the Proba satellite.

The Millau bridge is the world’s highest bridge, reaching nearly 900 ft. and is over a mile and a half long.

Although designed by a British architect (Lord Norman Foster) it just goes to show that sometimes French people may be justified occasionally in their attitudes and meanness.

The $517 million project is considered to be a masterpiece of modern engineering. It was built to complete a new motorway between Paris and the Mediterranean – a route that previously had become conjested through the little town near the River Tarn.

Interestingly, this monumental achievement costs the exact same amount as Safeco Stadium here in Seattle. Yet our traffic problems remain insurmountable.

If we combined the cost of the Seahawks Stadium, we could probably have built two of these bridges. Just one tiny little mini one would be good enough to solve the waterfront’s viaduct problem, though…