Facts, Truth, Lies, Knowing and Guessing

I found a list called “100 Facts and 1 Opinion – The Non-Arguable Case Against the Bush Administration“. It’s dated November 8th.

As always with these sorts of things, I would very much like to find out more information about some of the issues – the skewing of information by selective facts or omission is always a danger.

It’s astonishing (though there are so many far more astonishing things listed that we have just become numb to) that they can cut Pell Grants that help give people college educations, under the guise of saving the government around $300 million, yet spend that same amount on programs that teach sexual abstinence in schools – which is not at all proven effective.

Somewhat coincidentally, there is a detailed article on Groklaw that delves into the right to know and the processes involved – mostly from a civil perspective.