Debian Sarge Release

DebianThe release of Sarge from Debian is long overdue. It’s been over two years now. Although Debian has traditionally been a beautifully well-crafted Linux distribution, the delays are causing me to reconsider my choice – after all these years.

It has gotten to the point that people are needing functionality that is readily available, but cannot be used if you run the stable release of Debian because it is so out of date. Even basic system-level stuff.

If you are to use Debian, and need much recent software, you have to use the “testing” branch – which is not good for production servers considering the stated security policies.

So, from a practical standpoint, for me, using Debian is becoming a liability – though I love what has come out from that bunch very much. And, have great trust in them, and have had wonderful experiences.

If it were just my workstation, it would be no big deal. But when it’s my production servers, and other people’s production servers, it becomes a big deal.

Gentoo is a natural choice – and I had very good experiences – and very bad. It is very easy to break your system with updates, which has happened several times. But having a source-based distribution has a lot of benefits. Mainly, you have very recent software releases. But it can be a real bugger if you need to maintain many systems.

Debian Planet allows people to vote on how often they’d like to see a release of Debian. Your choices ranged from three months, up to three years. We’re moving toward our third year now. Most people had voted for one year. A couple Debian developers had posted saying that it will be released when it’s released – can’t rush genius, etc. etc. I, in my dissolutionment, thought about posting that I would prefer a release every eight years. Not much happens in computer technology in just a few years, after all – and it’s such a pain to update…. And genius takes a lot of time to sort out, after all.

Roy Chan has posted the actual Debian release cycle dates.

But, not for cynicism… I have to find a better answer – a better solution.

And this will likely mean giving up an old friend. I hope they update soon – before I begin migrating things to a new distribution. But we just can’t take advantage of much of the incredible open source software available out there any more, if we use the stable version of Debian.

** Just added this ** 11/16

I just installed the Sarge release candidate on a workstation. It’s incredible. The Debian guys are doing a wonderful job. It’s brilliant. A pleasure to use. I’ve replaced Gentoo with it on this workstation – and will likely replace the rest of the Gentoo boxes as well.

** Just added this ** 11/17

My god. Yes! Quit incredible…. They’ve done an OUTSTANDING job…..