Slashdot Article with Green Party Candidate David Cobb

I just found a wonderful little question and answer session with the Green Party Presidential Candidate, David Cobb on Slashdot.

It is SO refreshing to hear something different, and yet so sensible after the profoundly redundant rhetoric of our traditional political party platforms and their inane squabbles.

It is a good little read – I recommend it.

NASA’s Document: A Vision for Space Exploration

I just ran across the NASA document “A Vision for Space Exploration” that’s dated February 2004.

I think it came as part of the effort of the Bush Administration to focus our attention out into space. Which, though the motivations behind such a thing are suspect, is a really neat thing I think.

I saved this document locally because it would be nice to have in years to come, to look back on – to see what was being said, and what we were thinking.

It’s a neat little presentation – high on propaganda, but good at summarizing what we’re focusing on.