Interesting Statistics

I pulled these from Harper’s Magazine:

Minimum number of Americans who registered to vote at strip clubs since May : 4,000

Percentage of college students majoring in the humanities who say politics are relevant to their lives : 72

Percentage of students majoring in computer science who say this : 36

Estimated total number of protesters at the June G-8 conference in Georgia : 310

Estimated number of police per protester : 10

Percentage of New York City residents it would take to fill every inch of pavement in midtown Manhattan : 6

Funds allocated for Iraq’s water programs to be spent on U.S. embassy operating costs : $85,500,000

Number of the 50 airstrikes targeting Iraq’s leadership during the invasion last year that hit their target : 0

Amount NBC’s parent company, General Electric, stands to earn from Iraq’s reconstruction : $600,000,000

Number of Congress members present at the June transfer of power from Coalition military forces to the Iraqi government : 0

Ratio of the typical salary of a paid gladiator in ancient Rome to the salary of a doctor or lawyer : 10:1

Percentage of non-jury trials in Russia that end in conviction : 99

Number of words in the first sentence of Bill Clinton’s memoir and in that of George W. Bush’s, respectively : 49, 5

Percentage of Jordanian women who are literate : 85

Minimum number of Jordanian women murdered by their families in “honor killings” last year : 15

Number of deaths due to international terrorism last year according to an April State Department report : 307

Number of such deaths cited in a “revised” report the Department released in June : 625

Secret access code to the computer controls of the U.S. nuclear-tipped missile arsenal between 1968 and 1976 : 00000000

Minimum U.S. spending on missile defense each year since President Reagan’s 1983 “Star Wars” speech : $2,700,000,000

Number of the ten missile-defense components to be deployed this fall that have been field-tested as a system : 0

Number of years that such research was illegal before Congress repealed the ban last November : 10

Chance that a Western European has a positive opinion of George W. Bush : 1 in 10

Amount by which total Social Security contributions since 1983 exceed total benefit payments since then : $999,059,000,000

Year in which the Medicare hospital trust fund will be “completely exhausted,” according to the trustees : 2019

Minimum number of U.S. surgical patients sewn up each year with sponges, clamps, or other tools left inside them : 1,500

Number of Americans who died in 2002 from infections they contracted while hospitalized for other ailments : 90,000

Ratio of the average number of vehicles to the number of children per U.S. household : 5:2

Estimated percentage of women in Pakistani prisons whose crime was fornication : 80

Chances that God exists, according to a British physicist working as a risk analyst in Ohio : 2 in 3

Seconds it took a Maryland consultant last winter to pick a Diebold voting machine’s lock and remove its memory card : 10

Percentage of his salary Minnesota senator Mark Dayton spends on bus trips for seniors buying drugs in Canada : 100

Amount the United States allocated this year for Iraq’s reconstruction, per Iraqi : $727.27

Number of times after prison-abuse photos aired in April that the President boasted of freeing Iraq of torture chambers : 13

Number of World Trade Centers under development worldwide since September 2001 : 26

Number of them that are in Saudi Arabia : 3

Estimated year in which Baghdadis first harnessed electricity, using clay pots lined with copper : 230 b.c.

Average megawattage of electricity generated in Iraq each day last year before the invasion : 4,500

Average megawattage generated there each day in June : 4,300

Maximum voltage New York City’s main post office will deliver to pigeons during the Republican convention : 8,000

Percentage change since 1992 in the annual number of people murdered in the United States, per 100,000 : < 40 Percentage change since then in the number of people serving a life sentence in a U.S. prison : +83 Chance that an African national leader who left office between 1960 and 2003 did so because he lost an election : 1 in 10 Average number of inches by which Chicago sinks each year as the land it stands on adjusts from the last ice age : 0.04 Average number of inches by which Churchill, Canada, rises each year for the same reason : 0.4