Love and Marriage

Well, I guess a new group has formed to lead a drive to amend the very state constitution to ban gay marriages. It’s amazing to see how much effort people are willing to go to on certain issues when such vastly greater issues exist, and they do nothing.

According to the Seattle Times Article the group is called “Allies for Marriage and Children”.

I suppose they believe that their marriages will be better if men or women cannot love each other. Or maybe they believe that their marriage is how it’s supposed to be, and that everyone else’s should be too. In which case, they should also make divorce illegal to strengthen it how it should be. And I suppose they believe that a child is best off with the love of one man and one woman only – no more than that – or no different. Even if that man and woman are only staying together because of a sense of obligation to the children, which I guess results in the love and attention the children need.

I suppose they like to talk about an abstraction, like Marriage. Rather than the actual love people can feel for each other. Or the “going it together” sorta thang.

Maybe it’s because it’s not really each other that matters, but just the idea that what they’re doing is somehow right. And the rest of the world, including themselves, and their children, be damned.