A Hanging Caretaker

Hanging Wildflower Bird NestHanging Wildflower Bird Nest With Two EggsI saw something fly out of it, the hanging planter. Filled with wild flowers from years past that still bloom.

So far, this year, there is only bright orange lifted high up, blooming. But more will come, eventually. Why was a bird inside?

I peek through the low green leaves that hide what is within, to find a nest made smoothly cupped in soft dog hair that shed from Jake.

Crazy little birds begging each day for seeds, and this one here wanting the wild flower hanging pot to nest! They are not shy, nor easily fear.

Then two days hence a little egg left seated all alone, wrapped in that small pristine bowl of dog hair made me think

I’ve killed them all! Me just using the Bayer fertilizer a chemical that can’t be touched and kills bugs who dare eat — perhaps even the not-yet-living bird.

And then another egg for two! The parents, unknowingly bound to raise them in my chemical mess, and I don’t know what to do

But hope, and swear I will never ignore again because I never know what unexpected happenings, may happen – and I am largely why.

But hope, offering what cleansing rains I can, in a hope for what I’ve done.