To Potential Business Clients

Brain MachineSome of you are shocked that I use my real name on the things I write here, and send to you. Those of you in business are usually very sensitive to image and appearance, and the clothes I wear here are not very business-like. I am told, business people will search for you on the Internet before doing business with you, and using my real name, considering the things I say, is bad for me.

When I hear this, I am reminded of some man with an expensive suit, who is out to sell and really doesn’t give one whit about why, nor what he might actually be doing, or effecting in the larger world. I am reminded of a woman who uses phrases she learned, but does not truly understand. I am reminded of bright and flashy signs, rising up before us all, our great plastic icons of modernity, written with the common and hollow promises that fit so easily in our ears, then fall out the other side. I am reminded of a relationship where the magic has faded, yet the desire for that magic lives on, but lives only as a dim shadow, as an interpersonal habit.

Magic is not always neat, tidy and subdued, the way many of us might like. In fact, it rarely is. Magic is something that we unleash, and its power can be both terrible and wonderful. Magic destroys as easily as it creates. It is always transformative and alive. It is beautiful and ugly; both sane and insane. And it is the art of the magician to wield it.

Most people believe there is no longer any room for magic in the world. The order of things is such that the man who plays the suit is the man who deals the cards. The truth is, this man simply keeps the game going while the game itself is beyond him. Let him play. It’s unlikely he will never even care to see more, being dazzled by the endless shuffling. Let him play.

I have other business to attend to. I don’t have the time, nor the desire to play dress-up. I will not diminish my potency in an attempt to deceive others by skulking about behind a mask. They will know me truly. And from that, the magic begins. It will be the combination of me and them, and anyone else involved. And in this conflagration, all masks will burn. It is the only way to create something lasting and meaningful.

I want people with whom I am involved to know me, as certainly as I want to know them. That combination is the seat of the most powerful magic there is — passion. A shared dream and vision. And the wherewithal, trust and, most importantly, faith to see it accomplished.

It is in this spirit that I am both happy and comfortable for people to know what I believe, and even moreso, to perhaps come closer to knowing who I am. My strengths and my failings I lay out for you. My strangeness and my wisdom. Yes, this probably makes me a fool. But it also removes any reason I should deceive. And I require the same of others. It is how strengths are best combined, and weaknesses become shored up and rectified.

So to those people who say that appearances are important, I say that I agree. As long as those appearances are true. People are not as stupid as you imagine. They know the difference between someone being lazy and someone who is more concerned with other, more important things, for both of you.

In a way, you might say that I hope prospective business clients will read my things here. That they might know me this little measure better. That they will believe, I will not tell them things they only want to hear. If fact, I may tell them things that they will take exception to, or might even make them angry. I’m not out to sell myself to them. I’m out to help them.

A good friend of mine who runs a business with some employees is fond of saying about others with businesses, “he’s only one guy!”. And this holds a lot of weight when that one guy is representing himself through masks and appearances as something more. But one also has to ask, what is the value of one guy who can do some heavy lifting, in relation to a few guys who can dance a familiar dance? And with that, I run the risk of sounding defensive. But I’m not. I’m just driving him even madder with my perpetual onslaught of quasi-self-righteous battering rams, designed to lift him higher.

So much is changing in the world right now, and it is beginning with our perceptions. There is no room for deception any more. The magicians have worked there magic and the game is transforming. Most players will not even notice.

The question becomes, to what degree has our own game changed, if any? What qualities in others do we imbue with value? What value do we place on the qualities of our own character, even when those qualities might not be real?

So here I am, laid bare, for anyone to see. Hello! It isn’t the gossip of things like Facebook, where lookie who I’m friends with, and I’m so great, or sad, or whatever other banal utterance might be made with strategy toward appearance. Personally, I’m fucked up. You know that. Most of you are, too. That’s probably why you’re a friend. And that’s good enough for me. Oh, and just so we’re clear, you’re fucked up in some pretty great ways. Light years above Facebook. Way out there. Hello!

And since we’re on the subject, you people who have told me to represent myself differently… why should I think that any potential business client isn’t as fucked up as myself? That would be crazy. They are. Probably raving lunatics, underneath it all. But that’s ok. It means we have some creativity to work with. And we can sort right on through that and do something very simply magnificent together.

And best of all, it will be fun, as well as magnificent.