seeing you stops my chest
and like a photograph of your face
writhed in physics
i protect myself with sabotage

scars gather moss
branches torn by wind
yet the soft whisker of your face
on mine says home so unlike
any fairy tale could mend

a mother wraps the child's head
in dreams singing far into tomorrow
while behind our heads so much compels
these dreams to artful law

so i fix the the physics of your face
in stone and fireworks and noise
i remember patterns and salivating bells
needs far greater than my own
a great flight of pristine pain
far into the morning

she felt a bee buzz in her brain
calling it love or family or need
the great chutes of cathedrals spiking
deep in the roots of trees

a photograph of you held, in physics
the machine of broken deeds
all at once held now, cheek to cheek
through leaves, moss smells, pine...

sharp as winter's fallen leaves
the dew mist upon your skin pierces
impossibly keen through this sabotage

how can i leave all in yet resist
the clear destruction of my surrender?