My Sister Did It!

It happened at last. My sister met an actually really good man and they were married yesterday after a two day long event.

Jon and Kim. I have no idea what they’ll be doing with their last names, but it was really interesting, and a little strange, having the families all together for this.

Kim had her life-long friends, Tina, Keri and Linda as her bridesmaids. Jon had, well, I’m not really sure who they were, but they seemed like good people.

A lot of very confusing family things in the works, at least to me, but it was a wonderful thing – and I say that after dreading it.

A conspicuous absentee was Tanner, Jon’s most excellent canine. But I still managed to do some socializing.

Relatives I haven’t seen in years, old friends from all over — maybe Kim didn’t have such a bad idea. 🙂

I have no doubt they’ll be very happy together. They both have been through many situations and have taken the time to really know each other very well before making this commitment. I’m very proud of, and happy for my little sister. And I even like this new brother-in-law. He is sincere. Thoughtful. Strong. And just dorky enough. Just like my sis.

Ach, but it’s good seeing this!