Gay Boy (Scouts) – Not Who I Am, But What I Say

I just can’t help but write something about the Boy Scouts child pornography issue.

This man, Douglas Smith, a very high ranking guy in the Boy Scouts of America, and in charge of some child protection program within it, has confessed his guilt in child pornography.

This same man is one of the most vocal people within the BSA to condemn queer boys – keeping them out of the Boy Scouts because gays are “immoral”.

This is like the very stupid people saying gays are pedophiles, when by far the majority of pedophiles are straight.

So here we go with duplicity once again. Touting some kind of fabricated high morality while at the same time being someone twisted yourself.

520 pieces of child porn. Including boys. (but apparently no Boy Scouts).

Maybe he was so heatedly focused on condeming being gay because he saw some gay within himself, and hated it.

That way, he could pretend he was what he wished he was, not who he was.

Amazing how that sort of thinking can just rot you from within. And, do all kinds of damage to the outside world, too.

Here is what this man said, just last September, when defending the Boy Scout’s stance on wanting to keep queer boys banned:

“Some intolerant elements in our society want to force scouting to abandon its values and to become fundamentally different.”

Fundamentally different my ass!

Of course, the Boy Scouts organization is “shocked and dismayed”. Kinda like Falwell hiring a hooker. That was Falwell, wasn’t it?

And to think it was the Nazi’s who threw queer boys into ovens along with the Jews. Maybe just the really cute ones made it up to Adolph’s house.