US Military Wants to Give Prisoners Rights – Bush and Dick Cheney Don’t

An encouraging article was printed in the New York Times on March 27th called The U.S. Is Examining a Plan to Bolster the Rights of Detainees.

In it, the Defense Department has come up with a large plan to overhaul the rights that prisoners who are labled “suspected terrorists” have.

The Defense Department would like the trials to become similar to a military court marshall instead of the draconian tribunals that now exist.

Many White House Administration staffers who have supported changes to the tribunals have found themselves at other jobs.

Apparently, Dick Cheney is adamantly opposed to any changes in the tribunals, wishing instead to be forced into it only if the US Courts force the issue.

It’s an odd situation when the military is more concerned about Constitutional and even basic human rights than the Bush Administration is.

Especially considering that Bush swore an oath to protect and uphold the US Constitution and the rights it engenders.